Dying Light 2 Is Coming With Player Choice and Loads More to Do

The Reveal Comes With New Gameplay Footage

Developer Techland is back, and there back with the sequel to their critically-acclaimed zombie title. Dying Light 2 was just announced at the Microsoft E3 presser, and it looks like the “medieval’ post-apocalypse the devs want it to be. But this is a very different beast from the first game. Revealed during the demo, the 2nd installment comes with a lot more player agency.

Dying Light 2 will allow you to “carve your own world.” Player choice will factor into the events in the open world. You will have the opportunity to join factions, to betray NPCs, and there will even be an in-game economy. One might even say the game is taking on some RPG elements. Even with all the new features, the experience seems to differ vastly when you embark against the world at night.

This is an unfolding story, and we’ll keep you update as Techland reveals more about their new, first-person zombie experience. We’ll let you know the moment a release date or wind drops. Stay tuned.

SOURCE: Xbox E3 Press Briefing