Daemon X Machina Is A Stylish Mech Game Coming to the Switch

Who Could Say No To These Cool Cel-Shaded Mechs in Daemon X Machina?

Daemon X Machina is a cool-looking, cel-shaded mech game that’s coming to the Switch in 2019 and it was shown off at Nintendo’s E3 conference on Tuesday.

Gotta love all that fast-paced, stylish mech action! Not much else is known about the game currently but notably one of the credits at the end of the trailer listed Kenichiro Tsukuda. Tsukuda was one of the producers for the Armored Core games and he’ll be a producer for this upcoming mech game as well.

Daemon X Machina is being developed by Marvelous Games, who are also currently publishing Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

daemon x machina

So, what’d you think of that trailer? Did it make you want to keep an eye out for this 2019 mech game? Does a former Armored Core developer being on the team make you more intrigued about this project or worried? What’s your opinion of the graphical style? Love it or hate it?

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