Beyond Good And Evil Two Beta Available By End of Next Year

It’s Practically Right Around The Corner

Beyond Good and Evil Two has been slowly revealing itself ever since last year’s E3. Now that we’ve seen a tiny bit more of the game, when are we going to get our hands on it? According to Michel Ancel, the game’s creator, we should see a beta by holiday 2019.

Beyond Good and Evil Two

Okay, that’s not exactly soon, but it’s a time frame of some sort, which is a great start. Everything Ubisoft has shown of this game suggests it’s going to be pretty incredible in terms of scope. A bit of waiting is to be expected. After all, it’s possible that what we’ve seen was more of a vertical slice than a legitimate progress marker.

Ancel mentioned in a recent Instagram post that “We aim for a playable beta for the end of next year.” As betas tend to come much closer to a game’s actual release, hopefully we’ll get the game itself a little after this proposed beta phase. Between this and Cyberpunk 2077, 2019 is going to be a fabulous year for immersive Sci-Fi games.