Wulverblade on Switch Sold Nearly Eight Times More Than Other Platforms

Sales on Steam for Wulverblade Greatly Underperformed

The Nintendo Switch has been an indie game haven since launch and with good reason. Developers are finding that their games are selling better on Nintendo’s new machine than the competition. In the case of developer Fully Illustrated, Wulverblade — the brutally challenging beat ’em up — the Switch version sold nearly eight times more than the other consoles in a single month. That’s huge!

Wulverblade screenshot

Fully Illustrated revealed on Twitter a graph that compares sales across the Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and Steam versions of the game. Take a quick look at it below:

As you can make out, and as the red bar illustrates, Switch sales are significantly higher than the rest. The Xbox One version is second, with the PS4 close behind. The Steam version, however, is surprisingly low. Fully Illustrated believes that so many people chose the Switch version because of the portability factor and that the “screen makes everything look so lovely!”

In a tweet directed at a Twitter user, Fully Illustrated said that they aren’t able to disclose actual sales numbers due to legal reasons but that the “graph is based on the actual numbers so as to illustrate the gulf.” The developer also mentioned that Steam sales were so low that they have no interest in releasing on any other PC platform. Sorry Mac users, it looks like you’re out of luck,

Wulverblade was released first on Switch in October 2017 followed by Steam in January 2018. The Xbox One and PS4 versions came out in February 2018.

Here’s what we said about Wulverblade in our PS4 review:

“Wulverblade is a wonderful throwback to classic 90’s brawlers but there’s also a healthy dollop of newness added to the mix. The combat, while initially very simplistic, has layers upon layers of depth that slowly reveals itself with each subsequent stage. The difficulty tends to rear its ugly head a little early, but dedicated gamers will find the challenge rewarding and engaging. The heavily-researched storyline, gorgeous graphics and animation, and simple controls make Wulverblade a sharp and to-the-point beat-em-up that’s totally worth playing.”

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