Stardew Valley Finally Coming to The Vita


After what felt like an interminable amount of time, Stardew Valley is coming to the PS Vita next week! If you’re one of the system’s remaining diehard acolytes, this is something of a major victory. Not only is the Vita getting another shot at continued existence, but the game in question is positively delightful.

Stardew Valley

The Vita update will be out and about on May 22nd. Not only that, but it will be cross-buy. That means if you’ve already got it on PS4, then you’ve got it on Vita. How convenient! Of course, this all requires you to have a Vita first. I do, but I understand this is not as common an occurrence as Sony would like.

While some people may question the wisdom in working so hard to bring a game to a system with such a shrinking install base, there are many reasons to do so. For one, Stardew Valley is a perfect portable title. The mechanics lend themselves to brief, transit trip play sessions. For another, the game is so good it deserves the maximum possible amount of console coverage. If there’s a system out there the game can be released on, let’s make it happen. Also, if you already own the game elsewhere, it’s still worth it to double dip. After all, it’s unlikely that any two save files are going to end up exactly alike.