Showcasing Cosplay From the Sensationally Sexy Seviria

Seviria Cosplay

Week after week, COGconnected scours the far reaches of the internet to find that absolute best cosplay available. Recently, we’ve featured outstanding cosplay from Hana BunnyNadyasonika, and Starbuxx. This week, we feature Seviria Cosplay – a stunning Canadian who has been cosplaying since 2015. She’s clearly got a talent for creativity as she builds all of her own cosplay pieces. Let’s take a peek at her portfolio.

Seviria Cosplay - Cindy - ARTICLE PRIME-min

Cindy from Final Fantasy XV.

Seviria Cosplay - Cindy - 12-min

Seviria Cosplay - Cindy - 10-min

Seviria Cosplay - Morrigan - 02-min

Morrigan from Darkstalkers

Check out page 2 for some Metroid inspired cosplay