Report: Digital Games Market to Be Worth Over $160 Billion by 2022

Lootboxes Are Expected to Be a Big Factor in Gaming’s Future

Lootboxes are an extremely controversial topic in gaming culture but, according to a recently released report, they’re expected to still be a huge factor in the digital games market in the 2020s.

microtransactions / loot box

The report, titled “Future Games Market: Market Sizing & Forecasts 2018-2022“, shows that the digital games market is “set to be boosted by the increasing prevalence of loot boxes”. “The practice has already proved immensely popular globally, especially in the Chinese games sector,” noted a press release for the report.

“Loot boxes play upon the gamers’ desire to have the most prestigious and sought-after in-game items, whether these be weapons or cosmetic goods,” explained the report’s author, Lauren Foye. “By monetizing the random generation of items, developers are effectively encouraging a form of in-game gambling, extending both the lifecycle and engagement of games titles to their audience.”

The report also acknowledges the growing popularity of Battle Royale modes in games like PUBG and Fortnite. Notably, games such as the upcoming Call of Duty and Battlefield are reported to possibly have their own Battle Royale modes.

Also according to the report: Console revenues are going to reach $33.2 billion by 2022.

What’s your opinion of lootboxes? Do you think they’re harmless purchases or do you think that they shouldn’t be part of modern gaming? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!