PlayStation CEO: PS4 Is In the ‘Final Phase’ of Its Life Cycle

It Seems Like the PS4’s Time Is Coming to an End

John Kodera, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, said on Monday during an official Sony event that the PlayStation 4 is “entering [the] final phase of its life cycle”.


Kodera made the comment during Sony’s Investor Relations Day 2018. Kodera also said that even though the PS4’s life cycle ending would have a “negative impact” on its sales, “recurring revenue¬†via membership services” would “cushion some of that.”

The PlayStation 5 is obviously going to happen eventually but its currently unknown when exactly its going to launch. An NPD analyst has predicted that it’ll launch in 2020. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier wrote that several sources told him that it probably won’t launch until 2020 as well.

Even though its entering its final phase, the PS4 still has a few big titles that’ll be launching either next year or in the near future such as Days Gone, The Last of Us Part II¬†(which won’t launch until after Days Gone comes out), Ghost of Tsushima and Death Stranding.

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