Days Gone’s Motorcycle Is Upgradeable; Will Launch Before TLOUII

Days Gone Is Still Slated to Launch in 2019

As expected, another day in June brings more news for Days Gone. SIE Bend is hard at work to deliver the game by 2019, but they’ve clued us in on where it falls in Sony’s timeline.

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A recent interview with GameInformer brought us a full cadre of details pertaining to Days Gone gameplay. Yesterday, we learned that the game will take 30 hours to complete, which was a conservative projection. Today, we learned that the motorcycle players will ride in the post-apocalyptic world will be upgradeable. According to Creative Director John Garvin, motorcycle upgrades will be both aesthetic and pragmatic. For example, enemies can hear Deacon approach via the sound of his bike’s engine – This can be remedied, according to Garvin, via an upgrade that muffles the sound. Furthermore, players can change the paint, or add parts that make the vehicle easier to handle.

Briefly, GameInformer and Garvin touched on the similarities between The Last of Us and Days Gone. So far as Garvin is concerned, there are none, “except that it’s a third-person action-adventure game where you’re killing creatures that aren’t zombies.” When specifically asked whether or not Days Gone would release before The Last of Us II, Garvin confidently affirmed that it would. In other words, The Last of Us II will arrive no earlier than, perhaps, the first quarter of 2019. Thus, if you were expecting Naughty Dog to finish their sequel sometime this year, you were mistaken.

Some additional tidbits Garvin mentioned – Though there will be water, players will not be able to swim. Large creatures, like the bear we saw at E3 2017, will function similar to bosses but will be scattered similar to regular Freakers. During the playthrough, camps may witness growth as a result of the player’s influence. And, the currency used for in-game exchanges will be Credits.

Stay tuned for additional updates leading up to E3 2018 and beyond.

Happy gaming.