PlayStation 5 Is Actually Three Years Away, According to Sony CEO

Sony Is Going to Let the PlayStation 4 Simmer a Little More

COGconnected recently reported on how, according to Sony CEO Tsuyoshi John Kodera, the PS4 is nearing the end of its life cycle. Whatever Kodera meant by those words, exactly, he didn’t mean to say we’re close to seeing the PlayStation 5.

ps5 playstation 5 top screen

In a new statement to reporters in Japan last night, Kodera revealed that the PlayStation 5 is still three years away. This is no surprise, considering the success of the PlayStation 4, which now promises to escalate past 80 million sold units. Further, earlier this month, Sony announced their E3 2018 presser, during which they explicitly stated that no hardware would be revealed. Thus, the earliest we may expect a PlayStation 5 reveal may be E3 2019. Thanks to this new report, however, 2019 may be too early for an announcement.

If you were worried about purchasing a new PS4 or PS4 Pro for fear of an impending PS5 announcement, here’s your confirmation that we have some time yet. Previous rumors regarding a PS5 devkit making the rounds have proven to be just that, rumors. And even if Sony was close to building their next console, the gaming giant would be hard-pressed to make announce anything while the PlayStation 4 retains popularity in the market. This June, we can expect to learn more about the PS4 exclusives that may push additional hardware sales. PS4 exclusives announced for this E3 conference include Ghost of TsushimaThe Last of Us IIMarvel’s Spider-Man, and Death Stranding.

SOURCE: Kotaku , Wall Street Journal