This Kingdom Come: Deliverance Mod Makes the Game Even Harder

Just When You Think the Game Couldn’t Get Any Harder!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is well known for being a difficult first-person historical RPG. The combat is a realistic depiction of medieval sword fighting and its very easy to get killed if you’re facing even a handful of armed enemies. Combine that with its unforgiving save system and the game is a rough time all around. However, there’s a mod available for the PC version of the game that makes Kingdom Come: Deliverance even more difficult!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance hero

Titled “Ultimate Realism Overhaul” and created by NexusMods user Knox, the mod is an “attempt at balancing, increasing the difficulty, and promoting the realism of Kingdom Come: Deliverance.”

“The mod aims to improve various aspects of the game that were either too easy or didn’t make sense in the vanilla edition,” the mod’s description reads. “If you want more realism, this is the mod for you.”

The mod changes the damage values of the game’s weapons to be more “accurate”, makes the defense values of in-game armor more realistic, adds slower character progression in term’s of the stats system, makes your hunger & thirst meters go down more rapidly and makes the shopkeepers in the game more shrewd about the prices they give for items that are bought or sold.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance ins1

“I have been working on this mod since day-one of the game’s release,” the modder Knox said. “Despite having played untold hours of the game, there are definitely still different play-styles, mechanics, and other features I have yet to test and experience.¬†As a result, this mod does not claim to transform the game into a 100% accurate medieval life simulator.¬†Neither does it claim to fix every imbalance in the entire game (although I try to come close!).”

So are you going to try this mod out? Let us know in the comment section! If this mod proves too difficult for you then you can always try out some other mods that make things a bit easier!