Get Your Parry On With Way of The Passive Fist

True Mastery Through Nonchalant Deflection

A big part of fighting games is looking cool. A big part of looking cool is seeming like your opponent is utterly beneath you. Way of the Passive Fist mashes these two concepts together while looking suspiciously like a 1990’s arcade brawler. Also it’s out right this second.

Passive Fist

The game’s basic premise revolves around perfectly-timed parries, dodges and blocks in order to build up a combo meter for some badass offensive outbursts at a later junction. Such as a boss fight. You play a wandering parry machine, travelling across Zircon V in order to find out why people are going missing. Honestly, the story seems like a thin veneer draped over a sumptuous combat system. I’m more or less okay with that.

Passive Fist features, among other things, fully remappable controls. The setup is designed to be more accessible for people with particular needs. If you’re more sensitive to flashing lights or only rocking one hand, for example. It’s a simple thing that should be included in every single game, once you realize that it’s an option at all. Way of the Passive Fist is available on PC and PS4 right now, with the game coming to Xbox One at midnight tonight.

SOURCE: Press Release