‘Inside Xbox’ Returns As a New Monthly Xbox Show

First Episode of Inside Xbox Debuts Saturday, March 10th

Team Xbox is bringing back Inside Xbox in the form of a new monthly show, it has been announced. It will feature Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb and will provide a behind-the-scenes look at upcoming Xbox games.

In addition to highlighting new game announcements and taking gamers behind the curtain of Team Xbox, the show will explore the “mysteries of game design” and celebrate new Xbox games every month. It will also be an opportunity for the Xbox team to listen to feedback from the community.

The debut episode will serve up loads of content including a sit-down conversation with Rare on Sea of Thieves discussing things like the “core design principle that drives the game.” There will also be new Xbox Game Pass news and a look at new console features coming in a future system update.

Xbox One X console calculated decision

Inside Xbox is making sure to highlight awesome gaming moments from dedicated gamers in the Xbox community too.

“Whether you want us to celebrate your clutch 1v4 Chicken Dinner in PUBG, show off your epic treasure haul in Sea of Thieves, ask questions of our interviewees, provide feedback, or just want to sass (politely of course) our friendly hosts, drop us a line using #insidexbox on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram,” said Tina Summerford in a post on Xbox Wire.

There will be other hosts alongside Major Nelson too, including Graeme Boyd, Jeff Rubenstein, Alex Hebert, Lydia Ellery, and more.

Inside Xbox will debut on March 10th at 12:00PM PST. It can be viewed on mixer.com/Xbox, YouTube.com/Xbox, Twitch.TV/Xbox, and facebook.com/Xbox.

Will you be tuning in this Saturday? Share your thoughts down below.