From Gaming Journalist to Insanely Hot Cosplayer, Raychul Moore is Proof Hard Work Pays Off

Raychul Moore Cosplay Feature

Welcome back cosplay fans! We are kicking off Super Bowl weekend in style with yet another amazing cosplay feature from one of COGconnected’s favorite cosplayers. But before we get into this weeks feature, be sure to check out some of the other cosplay features we have posted over the past several months. From our exclusive interview with the Queen of Cosplay to some unbelievably hot cosplay from Jannet Vinogradova, who is widely regarding as the Goddess of Cosplay, every week we try to share with you the best. Including a woman who can transform herself into any character. And let’s not forget the often NSFW Jenna Lynn Meowri. This week; however, we are profiling the one and only Raychul Moore.

As you can see, she is beautiful and her cosplay is loads of fun. What makes her unique to the cosplay industry is her background. She actually started out in video game journalism.

According to her webpage, she says: “It all began when I was a video game journalist writing regularly for GamePro and was the EIC at their sister site, GameGirl. I soon started my own video game focused YouTube and found myself doing more and more on-camera work as a host for various video game websites. My job has me going to different game events all over the country while hosting video coverage and interviewing developers, which seriously, is a f’n dream job come true, you guys.”

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