System Software Update 5.50 Comes to the PS4 with New Features

New Features Detailed for PS4 Update 5.50

Today, Sony has provided details regarding its latest major system software update 5.50 for the PlayStation 4, codenamed KEIJI. The beta for the update is now available for those who signed up and were selected to try it out. This software update includes improvements to the Library UI, the Quick Menu, a Play Time Management option, and more as listed below.

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For the Library UI, its improvements include the abilities to view which apps are installed on the PS4, which apps have been purchased by specific accounts on the system, which games are owned from the PS Plus free games, and the ability to hide apps such as betas or demos that are not needed anymore. With the amount of applications users probably have licenses to at this point, these features will be sure to assist in managing your Library.

Also included in the 5.50 update is the Play Time Management system, which allows for limiting playtime for child family members either with a set amount of time or between certain hours. Quick menu enhancements, deleting old notifications, customizing tournaments team pages, and importing custom wallpapers via USB are also included in this update. Lastly, a new supersampling mode will be available on the PS4 Pro, which will allow PS4 Pro owners to enjoy the benefits of the Pro without having to own a 4K TV.

Are you in the 5.50 update beta? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.