You Can Now Refer a Friend to Game Pass or Xbox Gold for $10 Credit

Friends Benefit from Additional Microsoft Discounts

A new offer from Microsoft suggests the company is in a giving mood. Revealed via their online platform, any players who refer friends to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass can receive $10 of store credit. This feature only applies to gamers in North America and the UK.

xbox game pass

It started on February 1st and is ongoing until March 15th. Within that time frame, you can earn a maximum of $100 for inviting friends to either or both subscription services. Furthermore, the invitation benefits your friends since your invitation gives them the first month for half the original price. It’s a win-win situation but, again, this offer is only available to players in North America and the UK.

You can start the refer-a-friend process from your Xbox One. Thus, if you know anyone without an Xbox Game Pass or Live Gold subscription, now’s the time to start sending those invitations and claim your rewards. Obviously, both you and friends can stand to gain from both subscriptions by the time Xbox One exclusive Sea of Thieves releases on March 20, five days after the offer ends. So, get to inviting and making that credit. $100 gets you ten additional months of Game Pass.

SOURCE: GearNuke