Assassin’s Creed Origins New Game Plus Details Revealed

The New Mode Comes out Alongside the Discovery Tour DLC

Assassin’s Creed Origins is finally getting a new game plus mode tomorrow on Tuesday, February 20th, and it’ll be available at the same time as the anticipated Discovery Tour mode

Assassin's Creed: Origins

In new game plus mode (which can only be accessed after beating the game at least once), players will be able to keep their level, equipment, acquired abilities and ability points, crafting status, XP and their inventory. There’s also even a special reward for beating the game in new game plus mode though Ubisoft is keeping that reward a surprise for players to find out.

Another new addition would be the change in the difficulties. In the new mode, every difficulty is increased “by one from your previous campaign“. This means that Easy mode is now Normal mode, Normal mode is now Hard mode and so on.

While this mode changes alot, progression having to do with acquiring the Hidden Blade, the assassination targets, quests, quest items, discovered locations, papyri and the perception of Bayek’s pet eagle, Senu will all have to be done over again.

Similarly, other activities having to do with the arena, Hippodrome and the Trial of the Gods events will also have to be done over in new game plus mode.

Notably, the loot system and enemy level scaling system have been kept unchanged for this mode.

So gamers, what do you think about this new game plus mode? Is this and the upcoming Discovery Tour mode enough to get you back into Assassins Creed Origins? What do you think is the special reward for beating the game on new game plus anyway? A new weapon or shield? Another snazzy Assassins outfit? Another chocobo?

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