Mod Support Comes to Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition Starting Today

No Announcement for PS4 Yet

Mods are typically a PC thing, so it’s always surprising when they shift their way over to consoles. Bethesda has shown their support for console mod support with Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, and now we can add Cities: Skylines – Xbox One Edition to the small but growing list.

Cities: Skylines Xbox One Edition mods

Starting today, February 20th, mods are finally being added to the game as free content via an update patch. Now you can add user-created mods to your city, including giant statues of hamsters, fancy clock towers, swimming pools, or even change the planes into futuristic spacecraft.

“Paradox has always been very proud to support modders across all our games, and the creative, fun-loving community that’s grown with us around Cities: Skylines has shared some incredible ideas with us,” wrote Sandra Neudinger in a blog on Xbox Wire. “We’ve been hoping to share those contributions with our players on the Xbox One since launch, and thanks to the hard work from Tantalus and the great support from the Xbox team, we’ve got a selection of mods that have been curated, tested, and are ready to drop right into your cities tomorrow – all free of charge with the new update.”

In addition to mods, Season Pass owners on Xbox One can expect to receive a new content pack in the near future. It’s called the Content Creator Pack and will include buildings created by some of the talented community artists and modellers of Cities: Skylines. Players will also be able to add Art Deco “flair and technological triumphs” to their town. The pack can be purchased if you don’t have the Season Pass. A free update is also coming on March 6th that will allow players to host their own sports team in their cities.

It isn’t clear if mod support will be coming to the PS4 version of the game, but we’re assuming it’s only a matter of time.

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