BioMutant New Teaser Trailer Showcases Incredible Gameplay

THQ Nordic Is Bringing Its Best

Gamers everywhere were smitten when THQ Nordic revealed its epic, anthropomorphic hero in BioMutant. Initial footage showcased a huge open world in which players could discover all sorts enemies and lush environments. Today, we have more of that, and it looks better than before. THQ Nordic has released a new teaser trailer.

biomutant top screen

The trailer doesn’t reveal anything in the way of narrative, but it does give us a better idea of what there is to do. For starters, the game looks stunning, and the action takes a comic-book approach that tackles ridiculous science fiction—in the best way possible, mind you. Furthermore, the action animations look top-notch; at the same time, the trailer shows us potential boss battles between the player and crazy-looking monsters. You can view it all in the footage below.

BioMutant, as many may or may not be aware, offers a new take on third-person combat. Through a mix of martial arts and shooter gameplay, the developers are offering an experience that reinvents action games. But, we’ll see when it finally arrives. While there’s still no release date, expect the game to arrive later this year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. To learn more, you can visit and keep up to date. Until more news comes our way,

Happy gaming.