Microsoft Will Reportedly Introduce a New Xbox Achievement System Called “Career”

New Xbox System Will Add Levels, Quests, and Loot Crate Rewards

Over the past few months, we’ve heard rumblings of Microsoft tinkering with new ways to extend and evolve the Xbox Achievement system beyond Gamerscore. Now, based on some new findings, it appears that this system will be referred to as “Career.”

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According to a report from Windows Central, the Career system will allow players to obtain levels and prestige ranks, complete quests, and even earn loot crate rewards such as cosmetic items for Xbox Avatars. Career won’t replace Achievements or Gamerscore but rather sit alongside it.

Quests involve completing specific objectives like playing certain games. Completing these will net loot crates and experience points.

Based on documentation they received, Windows Central states that there will be a new subdomain at “” Achievements will still play a big part in Career by rewarding players with XP in order to level up. The documentation also indicates that loot crates cannot be purchased with real money.

The Career system has not been confirmed by Microsoft so this could all be scrapped for all we know. However, Xbox Vice President Mike Ybarra has previously mentioned that they are looking into changing the Achievements system. He also stated how the current system doesn’t reward players who spend more time with a single game. Career, from the sounds of it, appears to offer a solution to this.

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