Ghost Recon Wildlands Adds Loot Boxes That Everyone Will Actually Enjoy

Can Everyone Follow This Model?

Introducing loot boxes to your game may not be the smartest play these days, considering the controversy they’ve stirred in some of 2017’s biggest games like Star Wars Battlefront II and Middle-earth: Shadow of War. But it looks like Ubisoft has been keeping a watchful eye from afar because they just rolled out a loot box system for Ghost Recon Wildlands that doesn’t suck.

Ghost Recon Wildlands Top Screen

Ubisoft explains that they are adding Battle Crates in the new Extended Ops update, a paid-for loot box system that will have “zero impact on gameplay and player progression” and include cosmetic items for character customization. Ubisoft has also ensured that the implementation of Battle Crates is “fair in terms of items given to players.”

Battle Crates are designed for the Campaign, co-op mode (Spec Ops Crates), and for the Ghost War (Ghost War Crates) mode. Inside the Spec Ops Crates will be Epic and Exotic Weapons, Vehicles, and cosmetic items. Ghost War Crates will include Exotic Weapons (which are re-skinned versions of weapons already available in the game and have no impact on weapon stats), customization items, and exclusive character skins called Icons. Players will receive a complimentary Spec Ops and Ghost War Crate once they are available; they can be redeemed on the Ubisoft Club.

There are more than 200 items available in the Battle Crates system. You can view a list of all the obtainable items on this Ghost Recon Network page. What’s even more encouraging is that players won’t have to worry about duplicates. Players will only receive items they don’t already own.

Battle Crates are purchasable from the Store for 400 Store Credits, and each crate contains three items that you don’t already own.

The Extended Ops update is free for all Ghost Recon Wildlands players and will be released before the end of the month on all platforms.

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