Star Wars Battlefront II Gets a Major Facelift With First Update of 2018

Star Wars Battlefront II Gets a Brand New Map With the Latest Update

Though 2017 may not have been the year EA was expecting when they launched Star Wars Battlefront II, it looks like they’re making strides to make 2018 a whole lot better! The first patch of the year has arrived for Battlefront II and it’s a big one, adding a bunch of exciting changes and a brand new map.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 HERO 2

Despite the significant drop in first week sales from the original title, EA seems determined to make Battlefront II a hit, no matter what. And it’s hard to argue that fact now that the latest update has dropped. The new update comes with not only a new map and a new hero ship, but a bunch of much-needed tweaks and additional add-ons for players to enjoy as well.

The latest update, titled 1.1, adds a version of the planet Crait built specifically for Blast mode, and Iden Versio’s TIE Fighter has been added as a playable Hero ship in multiplayer. In addition to the new playable ship, there are some new Star Cards available through this new patch too. You can find the full list of abilities and Star Cards below.

Iden Versio’s TIE/In fighter Abilities

  • Afterburner – Gives the starfighter a temporary speed boost and breaks enemy missile lock. The AFTERBURNER can be cancelled after a short time.
  • Laser Barrage – Charges up a rapid fire barrage which deals high damage
  • Dual Proton Torpedoes – Fires two proton torpedoes which track the locked target and deal high damage
  • Inferno Leader – For the duration of INFERNO LEADER, all enemies within a radius are revealed to allied players. These enemies receive increased damage from all sources

TIE/In fighter Star Cards

  • Engine Heat Dissipator – Decreases the AFTERBURNER cooldown
  • Advanced Torpedoes – Increases DUAL PROTON TORPEDO damage
  • Vengeful Barrage – Increases the damage of LASER BARRAGE
  • Flight Commander – Increases the duration of INFERNO LEADER
  • Reinforced Hull – Increases the total health of the starfighter
  • Tuned Lasers – Increases primary weapon damage
  • Advanced Capacitors – Improves the primary weapons resistance to overheating
  • Repair Systems – Reduces the delay before health regeneration begins
  • Elite Pilot – Increases the turn rate of the starfighter
  • Engine Upgrade – Increases the top speed and how quickly the starfighter can accelerate and decelerate

e3 2017 Star Wars: Battlefront 2 feature

And of course, the patch can’t all be literal fun and games, so there are some Hero re balances, class-specific stat changes, weapon tweaks, and general bug fixes as well. You can find the long list of patch notes here.

Are you excited about these new changes or are you waiting for something else? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep it locked for updates!