Oxenfree Developer Reveals Afterparty, a Game About Outdrinking Satan

Party Your Way Out of Hell in Afterparty, Coming 2019

For their follow-up to 2016’s excellent sci narrative adventure, Oxenfree, developer Night School Studio is taking a slightly different approach. Afterparty is an adventure game that sees two college friends, Lola and Milo, unexpectedly die together and sent to Hell. There, they find out that the only way to re-enter Earth is to outdrink Satan by bar-hopping across various locations in Hell. Yes, you did read that right.

Afterparty concept art 1280x

Afterparty appears to be another narrative-focused adventure like Oxenfree, only instead of exploring a spooky military island, you’ll get to go on a pub crawl through Hell and beat the devil at a drinking contest. During their drunk journey, Lola and Milo will uncover why they were sent to Hell by drinking and mingling with the patrons at different bars.

Afterparty turns into a traditional adventure once you’re inside a bar. Switching between both characters, you’ll progress through the story by doing various tasks like belting out some karaoke or playing beer pong. The choices you make will also be reflected in the story.

Afterparty concept art

Certain drinks can also be consumed for added abilities to help along Lola and Milo’s quest. Some drinks may lower their inhibitions while others may give them a boost in confidence to complete a task.

Afterparty sounds bizarre in all the right ways. It is currently given a vague 2019 release window so don’t expect to hear much more about it for a while. In the meantime, make sure to check out the amazing concept art on Night School’s website.