New Extinction Gameplay: Here’s How You Murder Titanic Monsters

Iron Galaxy’s Guide to Monster Slaying

Just one more Extinction video before we close out the year. Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games have introduced a new Skills-and-Strategy guide to destroying the gigantic beasts, Ravenii. Naturally, you may prefer to fail on your own before learning. But, this guide is for the excited player who doesn’t want to enter the game blind. You may wonder, “Damn, this is a big skill tree. Where the hell do I invest my points?” Here’s how you avoid that scenario.


Since the bosses in Extinction are gigantic (same for the world), the devs wanted to drop some advice for vaulting and traversal. The game is fast-paced, includes an elaborate skill tree, and entails all sorts of acrobatic abilities; the video below helps you narrow your focus. Some missions may ask that you fight the Ravenii head-on while others encourage you to strategize. Fortunately, from how it sounds, the game lets players find their preferred playstyle.

Check out the combat guide below, voiced over by the game’s Executive Producer, Derek Neal.

judging from this latest video alone, Extinction isn’t simply a game of defeating bosses; you want to find the best ways to rescue civilians. Still, there is a multitude of upgrades available for destroying enemies. But, do you want to move fast or jump high or both? Mobility is as much a factor as attacking. Something you probably appreciate knowing before making the purchase. Speaking of, Extinction arrives for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2018. Check back for an exact release date and more details.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release