That Weird Little Iwata Tribute Has Disappeared From The Switch

No More Unlocking A Hidden Golf Game Deep Inside The Firmware

Once upon a time, intrepid Switch owners were able to dig up a tiny Satoru Iwata tribute inside their system’s firmware. So long as the system was never connected to the internet, you could unlock NES Golf by performing the correct Joy-Con gesture on the anniversary of his death. Sadly, it appears this is no longer possible.

NES Golf Game Code Switch

A group of homebrew enthusiasts have discovered that the latest firmware update removes this hidden tribute from the system’s firmware. The chunk of code, known as ‘flog’ in the Switch’s firmware, is no longer present. As of now, there’s not really any info from Nintendo on this tribute. They were reticent to discuss it when it was there, and they haven’t said much about it being gone. Maybe it was never supposed to exist?

In any case, Nintendo fans have one less way to honor Iwata and mourn his passing. His death back in 2015 made a serious impact on the gaming community at large, with an outpouring of fan support immediately popping up in a variety of ways. Perhaps, with this hidden Iwata tribute stricken from the records, Nintendo will do something a little more official in time for the anniversary in July.