User Invention Gains Star Wars Battlefront II Credits Without Playing the Game

Gamer Claims the Device Helps “Build Pride and Sense of Accomplishment”

Sometimes, progress is a bit of a grind. To avoid the grind in Star Wars Battlefront II, one user created a device that automatically gains credit on his behalf. All he has to do is occasionally check the controller.

Star Wars Battlefront 2

The user posted his invention on Reddit. Though it is basic it is a genius instrument because it fully exploits the game’s progression system. You haven’t seen innovation until you seen this. Get a load of Reddit user Lowberg’s invention.

According to Lowberg his device—or “droid,” as he calls it—automatically moves the controller joystick and occasionally presses the ‘x’ button. Its simple purpose is to give the player a semblance of activity during multiplayer. As everyone knows, being inactive in a multiplayer match will trigger a kick for being AFK. But not with this smart device. It is designed to keep the character moving and to automatically spawn if killed.

Thanks to the “droid,” Lowberg doesn’t have to play the game in order to get credits. Since rewards revolve around the amount of time spent in a match, getting the maximum amount of credits in Star Wars Battlefront II is easy – no skill required. As you can see in the photo, Lowberg earned 280 credits for the extent of his non-existent participation in PvP. Alternatively, if someone won a match quickly because of something like more skill or better team coordination, rewards would come down to as low as 130 credits. Therefore, whether you’re the best or worst player there is, you just have to be in the game until the timer runs out to obtain your rewards.

To find Lowberg’s Reddit thread, simply click the title, Today I built a Progression Droid that pushes buttons while AFK to unskillfully collect credits, while simultaneously building a sense of pride and accomplishment. An obvious jab at EA for the most downvoted comment in the site’s history. Let us know your thoughts on this Star Wars Battlefront II credit farming method. Do you think it’s amazing or no? Comment down below.