Sharpen Your Skills Update Coming to Dauntless Closed Beta Next Month

It’s A Great Excuse To Talk About Dauntless More

There’s a tiny bit of Dauntless news, in the form of a brand new weapon being added to the closed beta. The Sharpen Your Skills update is bringing the War Pike when it hits the beta next month, which is apparently a ranged weapon?

Dauntless Sharpen Your Skills Update

For those of you who know nothing about this game (it’s most of you, admit it), what we’re looking at is more or less a really pretty Monster Hunter clone. Unfortunately, graphics alone aren’t a great selling point for something so laser-focused on combat mechanics, which makes all this closed beta business a real shame. I know I’m deeply curious about how this pretty-ass game actually plays, especially a ranged(?) weapon like the War Pike.

The weapon in question fires off aether projectiles once the player has accumulated enough power in their special meter. Before that, it’s just a fast-moving spear with versatile attacks and piercing strikes. Dauntless is set for release in 2018 as a free-to-play title. Here’s hoping the money you spend in-game is on doofy things like cosmetics, or worst, stamina. Lord knows we don’t need another pay-to-win debacle on our hands.

SOURCE: Press Release