New PlayStation Anthology Book Details Games, Innovation, and Crazy History

From Genesis to Present Day PlayStation

Did you know Sony’s origins go as far back as post-World War II? Neither did I. It’s just one of many interesting facts that can now be found in the PlayStation Anthology Book, from the publishers of the Nintendo 64 Anthology book. A perfect gift for the PlayStation fanboy/fangirl or anyone interested in industry history.

playstation e3 experience 2016

There’s a wealth of information to be found in the PlayStation Anthology Book: the company’s origins, canceled game releases, and pivotal moments in history. Even new info on the business, technologies, and the “Father of PlayStation” himself, Ken Kutaragi. Essentially, there’s everything to know and everything you never knew, including:

  • A Full History of the Machine – From its Genesis, Successes, and Fame, to its Well-Earned Retirement
  • Official Games that Were Cancelled
  • Official Accessories
  • 26 Exclusive Interviews
  • Never-Before-Released Information
  • The Rarest and Most Sought-After Games
  • 458 paged hardback (Collector’s Edition) (Classic Edition 386 pages)

PlayStation Anthology

Thus, if you want to dive deep into the world of PlayStation and understand how it became what it is today, here’s your reference. The PlayStation Anthology Book, published by Geeks-Line, is available now on Amazon for $44.90. If you want to get fancy, you can purchase the Collector’s Edition from the Geeks-line official website.

SOURCE: Press Release