Star Ocean – The Last Hope Available Now in 4K and HD with Limited-Time Bonuses

Square Enix’s RPG Returns Looking More Beautiful Than Ever

The prequel to the original Star Ocean has arrived as a full HD and 4K remaster. Developed in partnership with Tri-Ace, Square Enix has brought yet another definitive experience from one of their IPs. Star Ocean – The Last Hope has been re-released for the PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Star Ocean

The action-RPG that is Star Ocean – The Last Hope lets you dive into an immersive story across the universe. Plenty of space jockey adventures with a compelling narrative. Not to mention the usual features of a Star Ocean game; we’re talking strategic real-time combat, the elaborate Item Creation System and the good ol’ Private Action System – You can explore relationships with other characters and experience resulting subplots. Very much like Fire Emblem… or Mass Effect.

But if you buy the game sooner rather than later, Square Enix promises to reward you with more than a visual upgrade. Anyone who purchases Star Ocean from the PlayStation Store or Steam before December 12th will get a 10% discount. Available exclusively through steam, you will also obtain a mini-soundtrack for the game. For the PlayStation 4, if you purchase The Last Hope before January 8th, you will be rewarded with a unique PlayStation 4 system theme. Along with that, you will be given 12 PSN avatars featuring the main characters.

Will you be purchasing the Star Ocean remaster? Tell us your thoughts on the upgrades in the comments down below.

SOURCE: Press Release