EA Motive Is Developing An Action Game With Gameplay That No One’s “Ever Seen Before”

EA Is Shifting Gears to the Action Game Space

EA has teased a new action game from their newest studio, EA Motive, that will feature never-before-seen gameplay elements. This game is currently being overseen by Jade Raymond, a longtime producer on the Assassin’s Creed series.

Anthem main screen 1280x

During the UBS Global Technology Conference this week, EA CFO Blake Jorgensen teased the game, saying it has a “lot of new, interesting gameplay that I don’t think anyone’s ever seen before.” This was followed by an explanation on why EA has decided to focus on the action game genre and that BioWare’s upcoming Anthem is sort of like a stepping stone.

“Action is clearly the place we’re missing the most, and the reason we’re building Anthem and the new title that Jade Raymond’s team at Motive is building in Montreal,” Jorgensen explained to GI.biz. “That’s the largest sector in gaming. It’s one that we haven’t spent a lot of time in because we were so focused on sports and first-person shooters. We feel like there’s a huge opportunity there.”

Jorgensen continued to praise the Motive team by saying that this new title has the potential to succeed thanks to the creativity of the dev team. There are over 100 people working at EA Motive.

We don’t know anything else about the upcoming action game but Jorgensen’s high praise is encouraging but exactly what sort of gameplay he’s talking about remains to be seen.

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