10tons Releasing Two Excellent New Games For The Switch This Week

Xenoraid Is Out Right This Second, In Fact

With indie developer 10tons releasing two more games for the Switch, now would be a great time to round out your indie library on Nintendo’s hybrid console. That is if you’re in the mood for blasting apart hordes of monsters and/or enemy space ships.

10tons releasing crimsonland switch

Xenoraid is a retro-style vertical shooter with procedurally-generated missions and a certain level of squadron management to keep things fresh. Crimsonland is more of a top-down action title wherein you slaughter endless waves of insect horrors. If you have some sort of totally-rational vendetta against bugs of all kinds, this seems like a cathartic no-brainer.

You can pick up Xenoraid right this second, while Crimsonland will be available on November 24th. There’s even a 10% launch discount on Xenoraid, if you’re feeling waffle-y about whether or not you’re into picking it up. If you’re looking for something suitable to short bursts of portable play, perhaps these two 10tons titles will suit your needs?

SOURCE: Press Release