DOOM Hits Nintendo Switch on November 10th, Everybody

Are You Ready for Portable Demon Kills?

Back when Bethesda officially announced DOOM for the Nintendo Switch, people still didn’t believe it. Time has passed, and it’s looking more like a real thing every day. Well, get ready to take Hell on the go this next month.

Doom Unto the Evil

On November 10th, DOOM officially arrives for Nintendo’s portable console. Nintendo, themselves, made the announcement via Twitter.

If you’re a Bethesda fan and own a Nintendo Switch, you have every reason to be excited. Following this release, we can look forward to another of the publisher’s major titles in the form of Wolfenstein II.

Thanks to our previous coverage, you can check out the brief story of how Bethesda got DOOM on the Nintendo Switch. According to the publisher, the game runs at 720p resolution whether it’s docked or undocked. That seems to be the offset to having such a powerful game on the console. And remember folks, if you’re picking up a physical retail copy, you have to download the entire multiplayer portion as a free update. Fortunately, this version of the game comes with all of the released DLC.

DOOM was developed by id Software and the port is being handled by Panic Button – The same people behind Rocket League on Switch. Until next time,

Happy gaming.