Nintendo Direct Stream Coming Very Soon; To Be Nearly 45 Minutes Long

Will We Hear about Unannounced Games from Nintendo?

Nintendo has revealed the schedule for its upcoming Nintendo Direct Stream. As always, there will be new details on their upcoming titles for Nintendo 3DS and Switch. Therefore, fans may want to tune in for relevant details concerning their favorite IPs.

nintendo switch yellow joy-con

According to the official Twitter post, Nintendo Direct will be streaming on Wednesday, September 13, at 23:00 BST. So, about 3:00 PM PST. The company stated that there will be more content revealed for Super Mario Odyssey. Additional stream footage may relate to the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors. One other possibility may be a tease for the next Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC. Information about the next Splatoon 2 event is also a possibility.

One thing that cannot go unmentioned is an official announcement of a Nintendo Achievement/Trophy system. While the PS4 and Xbox One currently have an achievement system for all games, Nintendo is the only company lacking. But recent rumors suggest they’re working on a system for the Nintendo Switch, as we speak. Whatever the case, the guarantee is more gameplay for Super Mario Odyssey.

For more news on the latest games coming to the Nintendo Switch, you can view the Nindie showcase here. Then check back for more updates and news as it arrives.

Happy gaming.