Microsoft’s New Scorpio Console Will Cost a Premium of $499

The Latest Xbox Console Will Launch as the Most Expensive on the Market

Update: For the Official Price Announcement, View our Coverage Here

Just hours ahead of Microsft’s E3 Press Conference, Geoff Keighley – host of E3 Coliseum, leaked the info via Twitter today. As one of the biggest insiders in the event, he seemed confident in making the claim. According to him, Microsoft’s highly anticipated console, the Scorpio, will launch for $499.

Project Scorpio Price Exposed project scorpio e3

The question now may be, will people buy it? According to analyst Michael Pachter, Microsoft would be “committing suicide” in selling the Scorpio for more than $399. However, the price of the PS4 Pro is near that range. Since Scorpio is, according to evidence, a more powerful console then a higher price makes sense. Furthermore, it will be the only hardware in its class to consistently run games at 4K. Nevertheless, it is still launching as the most expensive on the market.

After Microsoft unveils its new console, the price may be better justified by a new lineup of first-party titles. But that will, ultimately, be up to gamers to decide. And we will gain those reactions soon.

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Enjoy the show.