Microsoft Revealed New Details About the Xbox Game Pass Service at E3

New Details About the Xbox Game Pass Have Been Revealed 

Just two weeks after the launch of the already popular Xbox Game Pass subscription service, more details have been released. During the Xbox Daily Live from E3 yesterday Microsoft revealed a few exciting details about their new Xbox Game Pass service!

xbox game pass

If you haven’t heard much about this Xbox Game Pass service, it is a subscription like PlayStation Now and Netflix, however unlike both of those services, you can actually download games onto your console. Unfortunately, like the other subscription services, you don’t actually own the titles, you’re just able to play them as long as you’re subscribed. The subscription service allows gamers to have unlimited access to Xbox One and backwards compatible Xbox 360 titles for $9.99 USD a month!

While we already know that games are going to be slowly cycled out, keeping the library new and fresh, Microsoft has announced that new games will be released on the first of every month. And, there is set to be a minimum of 5 new games being added each month!

Microsoft did clarify that most of the games currently available will remain each month, with none actually leaving the service until November of this year. This means that the 100 titles, including the Bioshock Series, and Halo 5: Guardians, will still be there for another five months! If you’re curious to know what other titles are available, you can check them out here.

The Xbox Game Pass is now available as a monthly subscription for both Windows 10 and Xbox One. Let us know what you think about this newest announcement and keep it locked for more updates as they become available!