New Video Shows off a New Way to Earn Loot in Star Wars Battlefront II

Star Wars Battlefront II Crate System Revealed

During their E3 2017 press briefing, EA announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will not have a season pass, but rather free themed content updates that are set to come to the game as early as the month after its release. There has not been too much new information since then however in a new video released by YouTube channel BattlefrontUpdates, we get a long look at the crate system for the upcoming Star Wars game!

Battlefront 2

The video released by BattlefrontUpdates is sponsored by EA, and shows off a new way to receive Star Cards, crafting parts and credits. This is not all too different from the most recent Call of Duty titles such as Infinite Warfare, or the popular shooter, Overwatch. In the video we get to see a few of these crates opened to showcase some of the items fans might be able to get their hands on when the game comes out later this year. The Star Cards will serve as the main items found within the crates, and will allow you to add a bunch of different abilities to your character classes. Like other games featuring a loot crate system, these Star Cards come in four different rarities: common, uncommon, rare and legendary. The better the card, the better the ability.

Now as far as the crafting parts will work, they allow you to upgrade currently owned Star Cards to increase the ability on that card. For example, if you are playing as Yoda, or Darth Vader and have a Star Card equipped that gives you a bonus to one of their attacks, you could use these crafting parts to increase that bonus even more. Of course you’ll have to keep in mind that the higher the rarity of the Star Card means that more crafting parts will be needed in order to upgrade. And while duplicate items for crates are never exactly what you planned for, the item will be converted into crafting parts. You can check out the video of the crate system below.

Keep in mind that what the video is showing and what is likely to be released when Star Wars Battlefront II comes out on November 7th may be entirely different considering this is not the finished product. Are you excited to see the crate system come to Star Wars Battlefront? Let us know in the comments below.