Lovecraft Love Letter Conarium Out Today on PC

Return to the Mountains of Madness with Conarium

Conarium, the latest in a long line of games paying homage to the legendary horror author H.P. Lovecraft, is out today on PC! The adventure title is loosely based on Lovecraft’s classic 1935 story “At the Mountains of Madness.”


The story takes place on a remote base in the Antarctic. The synopsis and the trailer hit a lot of the right notes for that Lovecraft feeling. A good Lovecraft story feels sinister and terrifying while leaving a lot to the reader’s imagination. The true horror dances at the edges of perception, letting those split-second glimpses fill the canvas of your mind and drive you nuts. Rather than explicit promises of monsters and murder, you return from beyond the veil having “lost something important or gained something sinister.”

Players interested in maybe losing their grip on reality and sanity can pick up the game for 15% off the top for the first week. Taking on the works of H.P. Lovecraft is no easy feat, but Conarium shows real promise. As long as the game doesn’t end in you having some epic quicktime battle with Cthulu himself, this could succeed in conveying that musky Lovecraft flavour. Check out the launch trailer below! If nothing else, this game has that effervescent Lovecraft look nailed down proper.

SOURCE: Press Release