Catch Up on The Tekken Story with These Retro Recaps

Tekken’s Retro Recaps Offer a High-Speed 8-Bit Story Summary

Tekken 7 has arrived! This excellent chapter in Bandai Namco’s venerable fighting saga features both savage combat and a surprising amount of backstory. So much backstory, in fact, that the creators have released a pair of retro recaps designed to catch you up on all of it. The first part came out a few weeks ago, and part two was released yesterday.

Tekken 7 retro recaps

The story spans many years and many bizarre events, beginning with a five-year-old being dropped off a cliff and transforming into a super-powered fighter as a result(????). Things take a turn from there, but rather than recapping the recaps, check them out below! The 8-bit style does an excellent job downplaying the horrendous nature of certain deeds while lending expedience to the pace of events.

The videos also offer a necessary service to players who maybe weren’t all that invested in Tekken’s story. Maybe you found yourself focusing on combos, or sweet moves, or the homespun narrative pitting you against your siblings in glorious combat. Well, worry no more! These videos will get you up to speed with the whole Tekken story in short order. Which also involves gene-splicing and demonic powers and… laser eyes? Yes, apparently it does. Check them out below!

SOURCE: Press Release