Fantasy CCG Fable Fortune Coming Next Month

Be Your Best (Or Worst) Self With Flaming Fowl’s Fantasy CCG Fable Fortune

Flaming Fowl’s Fabulous fantasy CCG Fable Fortune will soon find its way to PC and Xbox One! ¬†Fans of the franchise will finally have a chance to return to Albion for more epic battles, complete with the alignment mechanics the series is so famous for.

Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune’s initial launch will be an early access one, with said access granted through a Founder’s Pack of cards. While the full launch later in the year will be free-to-play, this first phase will require $14.99 USD for entry. Some players may balk at the idea, but the packs contain a robust selection of excellent content while supporting the developers in these critical early days.

The Founder’s Pack will contain 20 packs of cards, the Flaming Fowl trophy card and the rare Giant Egg card. Both PVP and Co-op modes will be available immediately. The Alignment system allows players to shift from good to evil and vice-versa, affecting their powers and card effects. While a CCG setting isn’t enough to capture all the nuance contained in the original series, Fable Fortune appears to have inherited some of the key concepts in this incarnation. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any hot new details regarding this fabled card battler here at COGconnected.

SOURCE: Press Release