“Amazing Work” Coming out of Halo and Gears of War Devs, According to Phil Spencer

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Xbox E3 was an event heavy with new games. Though it wasn’t the biggest showcase for Xbox One exclusives, it was a great presentation for the industry. But, in a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, Xbox Chief Phil Spencer mentioned current projects that weren’t on display at the video game expo.

Project Scorpio

Specifically, Spencer talked about his personal visits to The Coalition (Gears of War 4 developers) and 343 Industries (Halo 5 developers). After a look at their projects, he said he’s “seen amazing work.” And now that Microsoft has released their Xbox One X, we can expect their exclusives to be primed for the new console.

While some gamers might anticipate new IP from The Coalition and 343, it’s likely that Gears of War 5 and Halo 6 are currently in development. That said, both games were absent from this year’s E3. Spencer was still happy with the conference, saying that 42 games made for a great E3. Moreover, it was Microsoft’s biggest conference in terms of new IP shown.

However, fans are no doubt waiting for more of Microsoft’s triple-A exclusives. Spencer was satisfied in displaying Sea of Thieves, the new Ori, and Super Lucky’s Tail, but the life of the new console is barely beginning. Therefore, more of the names we know and love are expected soon.

On top of whatever The Coalition and 343 are working on, Spencer already said that Microsoft has signed on for more triple-A exclusives. It was just too early to show them at E3.

Be sure to check back for more of the latest from Microsoft. We look forward to what comes next.