New Details Revealed for Spider-Man PS4, Web-Slinging in New York

Insomniac Games Understands the Importance of Moving throughout New York

Spider-Man is coming to the PlayStation 4, and fans are wondering what’s going to stay the same and what’s going to change about their favorite superhero. One of the most iconic images in comic books is that of the web-slinger swinging through New York City. And speaking to Official PlayStation Magazine, Creative Director Bryan Allgeier spoke on the feature at length.

Insomniac Spider-Man

“Traversal, we know it’s the number one thing we’ve got to nail when it comes to Spider-Man,” said Allgeier. “Swinging through that open-world New York City, you’ve got to feel that fluid momentum, and that sense of skill and mastery.”

Without the open-world setting, it would hardly be a Spider-Man game. Thankfully, Insomniac gained experience from creating the open world in Xbox exclusive Sunset Overdrive. However, the city of New York offers a much larger space to explore. Therefore, players will be able to traverse to their heart’s content. That’s why a lot of QTE is included in the game. Players will be able to navigate the wide city streets and enter missions seamlessly, swinging from objective to cinematic sequence.

“Having built an open world that was based on traversal helped a lot,” Allgeier continued. “It gave us a leg up to start with.”

“[Peter Parker’s] 23-years-old, and he’s already been Spider-Man for a year when you start the game. There’s a level of mastery he’s accumulated over the years; think of an athlete in the prime of his career.”

Spider-Man PS4 is releasing as part of a stacked year in 2018. There’s still no exact date, but we’ll have the details as they arrive. Also releasing in 2018 are PS4 exclusives God of War 4Days Gone, and Detroit: Become Human. Which are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below.