Micro Machines World Series Out Today

Micro Machines World Series Presents Toy Cars The Way You Always Dreamed of Them

Racing with toy cars was so much fun as a kid, right? Creating tracks and courses out of whatever you had on hand, making the car noises with your mouth, it was so awesome, right? Well, Codemasters are bringing that fun to life with Micro Machines World Series, out right now.

Micro Machines World Series

There’s a healthy selection of tiny cars to choose from, along with 25 different locations for races. You know, the garden, the living room, the bedroom and other parts of the house. Multiplayer is either local or online, though this feels like more of a couch co-op experience than anything else.

On top of the regular racing modes, this newest title introduces battle mode. Unlike the races, there were real consequences to acting out this one when you were a kid. Busted cars, damaged property and screaming parents. This is the superior alternative, for sure. Micro Machines World Series is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

SOURCE: Press Release