Gamers Beat Prey in Less Than 30 Minutes, and We Have No Words

These Speedruns Are Getting out of Hand…

Two days ago, Bethesda released their newest game, Prey. Earlier today, gamer and streamer DraQu beat the new sci-fi horror shooter in record time. He held the record for 44 minutes before streamer LivingLooneyBin went ahead and beat in less than 28 minutes. Which is insane.

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Wait a minute…

Gamer DraQu who beat the 44-minute mark came back to beat the game in 20 minutes… What is going on, today? This is one dedicated speedrunner. Beware of SPOILERS, people.

Apparently, the method gamers are using to beat the game so fast is glitching. That’s Bethesda and Arkane Studios for you. Their games have become so exploitable that streamers are smashing record playthroughs to bits. Nevertheless, they are still pretty fun to watch.

Whatever you may think of gamers who use glitches to beat Prey, they’re still pretty creative. Moreover, as they provide an entertaining commentary, streamers do a good job of highlighting technical flaws. Hopefully, developers will receive a helpful takeaway from these speedruns.

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Furthermore, the purpose of these speedruns is just to prove how fast the game can be beaten. Even the speedrunners admit that glitching through the game isn’t fun. They do it because they can. Playing through the full story is another matter, and you can be sure streamers will be setting up leaderboards for that in no time.

Have you had the chance to play Prey? What are your thoughts on these speedruns? Comment down below. And be sure to keep an eye out for our own review of the new title by Arkane Studios. We’ll have a full and in-depth look for you. Until next time.

Happy gaming.