Rumors Abound after Microsoft Renews the Rights to Scalebound

But It Means No One Else, Like Sony, Can Purchase the Rights and Make the Game Themselves

Many of us in the gaming community remember, sadly, the cancellation of Scalebound. After Platinum Games and Microsoft parted ways over its development, the project officially became dead in the water. However, it seems like Microsoft may be revisiting the IP… More like, they can revisit the IP.

Scalebound Top

According to recent activity on the trademark website, Justia, Microsoft has officially renewed the rights to Scalebound. And thanks to the internet, the news has spread like wildfire. Just as quickly, speculation points to the possible renewal of game development. All this has proven, however, is that Microsoft isn’t willing to let the property go.

While nothing has been confirmed by Microsoft, even more hype came from news on twitter.

If the report is true, Microsoft intends to rebuild the game from the ground up. If it’s not true, they could be planning any number of things with the IP. Either way, Platinum Games is not involved and we must take the idea of a ‘reboot’ with a grain of salt.

Let us know your thoughts on these rumors and the renewal of the Scalebound trademark. Were you among those waiting for the game on Xbox One? Comment down below. And if any new reports do come our way, you can be sure we’ll keep you updated.

Happy speculating.