Update: Gamer Saved by Elder Scrolls Gets Beautiful Gift from Bethesda

This New Elder Scrolls Collection Is Not So Replaceable 

Over a week ago, we reported on velorok, the man whose life was saved by his Elder Scrolls Anthology. While it was a definite relief, his prized possession was destroyed. Thankfully, just as we suspected, Bethesda went ahead and sent him a care package after receiving the news.


But this was no ordinary replacement. Seeing as velorok is a big fan of all things Bethesda, they made it one of a kind.

The good folks over at Bethesda compensated velorok’s loss with the best gift ever; they delivered a replacement anthology and then some. All the devs signed their names on the collection and added a gigantic Azura statue. Quickly, he went from no anthology to the best Elder Scrolls Anthology ever.

Devs got their hands on this collection and signed their names all over, back and side included:

Since The Elder Scrolls is velorok’s favorite game, can you think up the second? Naturally, velorok is also the biggest fan of Fallout. Thus, Bethesda offered an extra gift in the form of a detailed Laser Rifle model.

Yet the gifts didn’t stop there. The Azura statue he received turned out to be no ordinary statue, but one of pure quality. And here’s everything you need to know about it:

Only 350 have been made and its product number is actually “Bethesda.” Those guys went all out for this man. Perhaps they were just so happy to know that their game literally saved a fan’s life. Velorok is happy, without a doubt. See his happiness on display.

Everything said and done, this strange circumstance ended on a high and positive note. What’s your take on it? Do you envy this fantastic collection? Of course you do. Nevertheless, tell us your thoughts in the comments down below. And remember to check back with COGconnected for all of the latest gaming news and bits.

Happy gaming.