Baffling Petition Against Far Cry 5 Bubbles to Surface

Angry Gamers Start Baffling Petition to Cancel Far Cry 5

Totally justified outrage alert! An especially angry subgroup of seething gamers has started a baffling petition to have Ubisoft cancel Far Cry 5. You know, that game that isn’t even out yet with the fundamentalist christian cult playing the villains? Yes, that one.


The petition in question has already started gathering signatures at a blistering pace, earning a whopping… 114 names in support. Well, it’s a start. According to the details included in this wildly articulate piece of literature, Ubisoft’s unacceptable choices with Far Cry 5 are the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak. After having to deal with Gamergate backlash, terrible AAA launches, censorship and “the continued rejection of romantic partners when they find out our hobby,” well this is just too much.

The petition even has some helpful suggestions to Ubisoft in case they actually respond to this campaign. The list suggests sensible things like changing the villains into Muslims or black people, or moving the setting to Canada. After all, they have such a rich history of fundamentalist cults, right? For a richer understanding of the motivations people have had to sign this petition, be sure to check out the “reasons for signing.” It’s good to see such passionate, totally serious people getting on board with a cause like this. For more info on this embarrassing spectacle in the making, check out our video on the subject below!