Nearly 3 Years of WWII Research Went into Call of Duty World War II

Sledgehammer Games Put in 2.5 Years of WWII Research to Create Call of Duty World War II

Shortly after Call of Duty World War II got a confirmed reveal date, Sledgehammer Games followed up with a short developer video that included a comment from Co-Founder Michael Condrey. As any studio knows, a solid title needs a good amount of R&D behind it, and this video gives us a bit more insight into the Call of Duty research process, which didn’t seem to skimp out on any vital information.

Call of Duty World War II

The video below comes from the Sledgehammer Games Twitter account and goes into more detail about both the game and the creative process behind it.

For the past two and a half years, the crew traveled the world learning more about the World War’s roots, and Condrey is happy to go into more detail about their time spent abroad. This might also be a vague hint that the upcoming Call of Duty game might even be expanding the borders of World War II past Europe and into other warring nations.

Who knows? Whatever circulating about the content of the game can only be rumors until any solid information comes from Sledgehammer. Expect to see more in the livestream reveal next week, April 26th at 10am PDT!

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