We’re Getting Red Dead Redemption Plugged into GTA V’s Engine

A Mod to See the 2010 Cowboy Epic Return in 2017

Jon Marston fans, rejoice! We are getting an entire reconstruction of the 2010 cowboy epic in GTA V‘s engine. Dubbed Red Dead Redemption V, this project may be as close as we get to a remaster of the original. Not to say this will actually be a port, but taking the entire map and giving it that Grand Theft Auto flavor. And the mod will arrive during Summer of this year.

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For PC players, this will be like their version of the game. The mod has been in development for two years and is probably the biggest undertaking since someone put Oblivion into Skyrim. Hence, adding any more than locations and characters would be asking too much of a modder. We can’t really expect more than model and environment transposition. However, if you’re an RDR fan, you will no doubt find plenty of leisure in revisiting the game through single-player.

That’s right, there will be no manipulation through GTA Online. The mod will be 2GB in size, with more content to be revealed later on. As a matter of fact, a trailer is set to arrive tomorrow and will feature content available at release, we suspect.

This certainly isn’t the first time a modder has done something special with GTA V‘s engine. The last great endeavor was a full-scale Titanic with a realized Jack and Rose and an entire scenario recreating the sinking of the ship.

Let us know your own thoughts on Red Dead Redemption V, and be sure to tune in tomorrow for the reveal. Perhaps the mod can tie us over while we wait for the highly-anticipated release of Red Dead Redemption 2. For now, have a glorious day.