Chrono Trigger Director Teases Switch Related Project

New Chrono Trigger Game on the Horizon? A Man Can Dream

Just yesterday we reported that Square Enix was actively working on new projects for the Nintendo Switch and today, talented director Takashi Tokita head of Square Enix’s Business Division 9 has teased a Switch related project.

The name Takashi Tokita might not ring a bell, but once you finish reading the following list, we guarantee that you will jump out of your chair. Take a look at some of the games he was involved during development:

  • Chrono Trigger (Director)
  • Parasite Eve (Director)
  • Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light (Director)
  • Live A Live (Director)
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years (Lead Developer)
  • Chocobo Racing (Director)
  • Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (Special Thanks)
  • I Am Setsuna (Special Thanks, this game is available on Switch)

The list goes on and on, but I am sure you get the idea by now. Any project that Tokita might be involved with could be massive and is impossible not to get excited.

Takashi Tokita posted the following tweet: “Top secret mission starts!”. Follow by this picture:

Switch Tease

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he is indeed working on a new Nintendo Switch title. It could simply mean that he is enjoying his time with the console, but come on, he was one of the directors of Chrono Trigger! Who can blame you for getting overly excited about this tease.

Whether this turns out to be a game or not, you will find out here. For more on Square Enix and Nintendo Switch, keep it here at COGconnected.