Possible Counterfeit MicroSD Card Totally Melted in the Nintendo Switch

A Possible Counterfeit MicroSD Card Was Put into a Nintendo Switch, and It Totally Melted

So a Twitter user claimed to have put a (possible) counterfeit microSD card into their Nintendo Switch, and it totally melted inside of it. The actual melting of the card seems to be 100% legitimate, because from what you can see in the pictures below, the plastic is completely warped and melted, and you can even see his fingerprint inside of the hardened plastic.

Counterfeit MicroSD Card

Although he claims that it’s a SanDisk 128GB microSD card, but since this is the first report of this happening and we have no idea where this person actually bought it from, it’s very likely that it could be a counterfeit microSD card. Since there’s no problems with the Nintendo Switch handling microSD cards, this would be a problem directly with microSD cards from the manufacturer. SanDisk reached out to them, but nothing has been clarified about the issue yet.

Other people have even gone as far as to test this theory out for themselves with other microSD cards and everything seems to be working out for them just fine.